Happy Fuji News

Wir haben noch ein kleines Weihnachts-Special für Euch vorbereitet:

Der Holzschnitt-Künstler Eric Kinnywird uns am 28.12.2023 um 17:00 Uhr mit einer letzten künstlerischen Einlage im Jahr 2023 die Zeit zwischen Weihnachten und Silvester unterhaltsam verkürzen. Die animierte Performance ist ein Spektakel für die ganze Familie!

Happy Fuji News is a live-animated performed movie made out of 200 woodblock prints, written, carved and printed by Eric Kinny over the course of 2016-2022.

Prints are shown and thrown at the rhythm of an audio soundtrack with MIDI guitar music by Raphaël Desmarets and characters voices by McCloud Zicmuse, Siet Phorae, Molly Rex, Ma Clément, Alice Perez & Joey Wright.

The story follows a touristic guide at the foothill of Japan's Mt. Fuji, escaping commercial hardship through the chance meeting of a Soundcloud ASMR artist.

With an equally comedic and dramatic approach, Happy Fuji News is a surrealistic dive into the world of tourism, apps, geology (and more..) done in a joyously performed proto-cinematic way.

Happy Fuji News now features a live-trailer for the in-production Period Drama "S****** Left"

Language: English (no subtitles)

Duration: 33min

Trailer: youtu.be/tidE1KX3_OI

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